Fall is basically the best.  Apple cider, crisp cool air, pumpkin everything, and boots.  And how better to accent your super cute boots than a pair of boot cuffs.  I have the featured pair available at my Etsy Shop as well as the pattern below.

These are gray 100% cotton crocheted boot cuffs with a side button accent.  These boot cuffs feature a ribbed edge on both the top and bottom as well as a v-stitch lace pattern in the body.  The cuffs measure a circumference of 13 inches and a height of 4.25 inches.  These are perfect for tall boots that reach the knee or calf or for slouchy boots just above the ankle.

I feel like one of the details that really make this pair special is the ribbed top and bottom of the cuff. While these were crocheted, I think the ribbing give these a bit of a knitted look.

V-Stitch Ribbed Edge Boot Cuff Pattern:

H Hook – This can be adjusted based on weight of yarn, I used a worsted weight


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc= double crochet

sl st = slip stitch

sk = skip

st = stitch or stitches

ch sp = chain space

Stage 1: Ribbing

ch 6, turn

row 1:  sc into second ch from hook, then sc across (total = 5 sc)

row 2: turn, ch 1 (count as first sc), working in back loops only, sc across (total = 5 sc)

Repeat row 2 until you reach the desired width of the boot cuff. This should fit the widest part of the calf.  This ribbed section creates the bottom of the boot cuff.  My cuff has a circumference of 13 inches since my calf measures 14 inches. This is about 59 rows of the ribbing for me.

Sl st the last row completed to the beginning chain to finish the ribbing. (See ** at the bottom of the pattern for my prefered method of this slip stitch) Do not cut yarn.

Slip Stitching the Ribbing Together

Once the ribbing is complete, you will begin the V-Stitch pattern.

Stage 2: V-Stitch

row 1: ch 1, sc around the the side of the ribbed tube you have created (this is the top of the boot cuff so far and you will work your way up from here – the lines made by the ribbing will be vertical at this point). Once you have sc around the tube, sl st to connect to the ch 1 at beginning of the row.

row 2: ch 3, double crochet into same stitch, *ch 1, sk 2 st, (dc, ch, dc) in same st* – this is the v-stitch – repeat around sl st to connect

row 3: sl st into middle of first v-stitch, ch 3, double crochet into same ch sp, *ch 1, (dc, ch, dc) in the ch sp of the next v-stitch* repeat around sl st to connect to the row’s beginning chain.

Repeat row 3 as many times as desired. I repeated row 3 twice, giving a total of 4 v-stitch rows.  Do not cut yarn.

Stage 3: Top Ribbing:

row 1: turn, sc into second ch from the hook, sc across ch, then sc into 2 st along the top row of the v-stitch section


ch 6

row 1: turn, sc into second ch from the hook, sc across ch, then sc into 2 st along the top row of the v-stitch section

row 2: turn, sk 2 st, sc into back loops only of ribbing

row 3: turn, ch 1, sc into back loops only of ribbing, (this will be 5 st) once you are to the top of the v-stitch section, sc into the next two st, this connects the top ribbing to the v-stitch section.

Repeat row 2 and 3 of this section until you reach the starting ch.  Sl st together (see ** at the bottom of the pattern).  

Slip Stitch Method of preference:

**To slip stitch the ribbing together I, turn the cuff inside out so the right sides are facing each other then sl st the outside loops together without inside loops.  (Go through the first loop of the stitch, skip the second and third loops, then go through the 4th loop.)

Tie off, sew on a button and enjoy!

Not a crocheter?  You can purchase these boot cuffs here!  Plus, two ways to wear:

Wear them hugging your calf with tall boots or loose above the ankle in a slouchy boot.