When the folks at Cornerstone Center for the Arts asked me what kind of classes I want to teach this fall, I decided on upcycled jewelry for one of my options.  Using discarded items to create something new and beautiful is a really exciting idea.  After all, my most successful projects in school where in the realm of found object art.

2007 Senior Project Play Time’s Over  

So with the idea of discarded materials becoming jewelry, I set out to explore my new medium.  I plan to work with paper too, but mostly this week I have been looking at plastic and making a bunch of earrings.

Medicine Bottle


I started by breaking out my jeweler’s saw and cutting up an old medicine bottle to create these earrings.


I wanted to find some simple beauty in the material so I started playing with geometric shapes, mostly rectangles.

Pepsi, anyone?

Theses might be my favorite pair of earrings that I have made so far.  Super light and comfy, and the translucent quality is pretty cool.



Just a bit of Sprite, please.

I also really dug this simple and beautiful pair.




Once I realized, oh, I guess I should make something other than earrings, I did this:

IMG_5888Its a bracelet, but I think this combo of plastic and metal would work well as a necklace too.

I did play with heat and the plastic too, but nothing completed from there.


So now the question becomes, which of these do you like?  Would you want to see a tutorial on any of these?  I plan for these and many other samples to be available at my upcycled jewelry class as ideas and to walk through the “how-to portion”. And eventually these items will be available at my Etsy shop.

My next explorations will be in paper, fabric, and found object.  Stay tuned!